Help your company get seen with Virtual Tours

By: Tyler Biback, Marketing & Production Manager

Having second thoughts about creating a virtual tour for your business? Look no further! 

Virtual Tours allow you to let the public enter your store without having to leave their house. They allow businesses to show off their store, products, and/or service rooms. Basically, everything a potential customer would want to see before they go in to the store is readily available for them online.

In today’s world, more and more people are online and look-up companies from the comfort of their home before going in to a store to shop for a product/service. 

The infographic below lay’s out some of the key points of why Virtual Tours are a must: 

As you can see in the infographic, using a virtual tour of your business on your website helps to increase business while reducing the amount of wasted website visits. Wasted website visits refers to the people who click through to your webpage and spend a long time on your site only to realize you don’t offer what they’re looking for. Not only that, but more and more people are using the internet to look for local businesses, and most of them want to see a tour of your business before they take their time to go in to the store. This is why the majority of the people surveyed say they want more virtual tours and that they increase their interest in the given business.

More ways to drive traffic to your page…

According to a study performed by Blue Nile Research, the top spot on google doesn’t always mean the highest click-through rates. The study was meant to test and challenge the theory that the number 1 spot on google is the most important (as this is what the ideology behind marketers used to be). In this study 300 consumers were shown search results for a given scenario and told to select which result appealed to them the most and that they were most likely to click on. Some of the search results had rich media built into them (such as star ratings, pictures, or local map results). Even when these results were below the number 1 spot, they still received the highest selection rate from the consumers in study with a 61% click-through rate on the enhanced listings. 

In summary, this study proved that even if your results don’t come up on top of the search results page, having rich media associated with your company’s search results leads to a higher clickthrough rate. The reason for this is that people are most commonly visual learners, which means that we understand images and videos faster than we do text. Also, 55% of online page views last 15 seconds or less which means you have to do your utmost Due to this, showing key images or maps (or even virtual tours) in your search results leads to a higher click through rate, greater value per impression and, in turn, higher conversion rates.

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